This business has been in our family for 30 years


soil management, spreadxAs we’ve grown and changed over the years, the business has too. In the early days, we knew we had to help farmers protect their soil. Most of what we did back then was spread limestone.

As the years have gone by, we’ve worked with all kinds of farmers and agronomists and other people who are deeply passionate about improving soil quality. And in the process, we’ve met some great people who have become close friends.

Today, we’re Eastern Ontario’s largest supplier of Agricultural Lime, serving clients from Renfrew to Kingston and east to Quebec. We’ve expanded our range of naturally sourced products to serve your soil.

All the years, the research, the conversations, and the energy has gone into finding effective and sustainable solutions to boost your soil’s health and productivity, and enhance your soil’s future.


About Marc Beauchesne


Marc Beauchesne, Spread-xMarc’s an innovator.

If you spend 5 minutes with Marc, you’ll know that he looks at things differently than most people.

Whether it’s improving how you spread limestone or developing new custom blends for organic fertilizer, Marc is constantly finding ways to make things better. He has come up with new machinery and distribution methods that are more efficient, and far more effective than conventional methods.

When Marc bought the company from his father it marked a new phase for Spread-X. It was a chance to expand the range of services they provided and to grow deeply by introducing a full range of naturally sourced organic products. This has given Spread-X the opportunity to serve all farmers in the region in ways that simply weren’t possible before.


Marc’s also committed to the soil.

To some, it might seem strange to be committed to soil, but Marc’s seen what happens when soil dies; when farms begin faltering because the soil just can’t support the crops any more. He’s seen the affects on families, on businesses, and on communities.

Protecting the soil is about protecting the future of agriculture and ensuring that generations of family farms can continue to operate—and that they can become stronger over time.


Marc lives outdoors.

The truth is, if you’re looking for Marc, you should look outside. Even when he’s not developing new machinery, spreading limestone, or working with farmers to improve the health of their soil, he’s likely camping with Julie and the kids, spending time in the woods, or tending to their own fields.


About Julie Latreille


julie latreille, spreadxSpread-X is part of the family.

One week after the birth of their first son, Spread-X grew to become the family business. At that point in time, Julie was on maternity leave and she was able to start supporting Marc with some of the administrative work.

As the family continued to grow, so did the company and Julie’s role in it. The innovative solutions that Marc was undertaking led to new relationships, new opportunities, and the growth of the company. Today, Julie is an owner and Vice-President of Spread-X.


A passion for progress.

There’s no denying Julie’s passion. She’s driven to continue to explore new methods to improve the results that farmers are getting but strengthening and nurturing the soil. Just watch her teach others about organic methods and the results that occur and you’ll know exactly how great that passion is.

What’s really striking is when that passion is combined with her versatility. She can drive a loader and make a delivery to a client, negotiate a deal with a new supplier, and continue to refine business operations—all before lunch.


Maybe it’s all about food.

Julie’s motto is “Live to have a taste of everything”. She loves to grow their own food, eat fresh out of the garden, and cook—especially on their wood stove. Together, Julie and Marc want their boys to know that they worked to help others make better food by growing healthier crops in soil full of life.