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Your soil is unique — it’s true everywhere.

Every time we visit a farm and spend time with you talking about what your soil needs we’re able to see that a unique approach is required.

Each farm needs it’s own plan. And guessing isn’t good enough. We always start with a soil test and analysis so we have a shared and accurate picture of what’s happening today. Then we work with you or with an agronomist to put together the right recommendation for your soil. That let’s us identify the best mix that will suit your exact fertilizing needs in one application.

Custom blends for organic and natural farming help you get the exact NPK level (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium), Calcium, Magnesium, micro-nutrients and other fertilizer ingredients that your soil needs in order to maximize your crop performance.


Your Choices for Custom Blends

There are just a couple of fundamental ways to look at putting together your custom blends — though the variations are almost endless and are always formulated around what exactly your soil needs in order to be healthier.

Dry Mix: You can have dry custom blends from a large number of granular dry products, typically Acti-Sol (palletized poultry manure) mixed with other natural and organic ingredients to suit your needs. Dry mix is commonly used for side dressing in planters during seeding and planting or we can spread your custom blend on your fields. Dry mix can also be delivered to you in bulk or totes.

Compost Base + Fertilizer: Compost + base custom blend is our in-house compost, used for its high source of organic matter and macro & micro-nutrients, with added dry or raw ingredients. Since the compost is high in macro and micro-nutrients, the input and cost of fertilizer may be reduced.

Take advantage of our spreading service for our compost blends, rent our pull-spreader or apply it to your field with any manure spreader.

Custom Blend Additives

 Dry Ingredients:

  • Acti-Sol
  • Black Earth Granular/Humate
  • Calphos
  • Calcium Sulphate
  • Compost X4
  • Earth Alive – Soil Activator
  • Greensand
  • Gypsum



  • Limestone (Cal, Mg)
  • Magnesium Sulfate/Powder
  • Micronized Fungi
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Spanish River Carbonatite
  • Sul-Po-Mag
  • Sulphate of Potash
  • Wollastonite


Raw ingredients: 

  • Poultry Manure
  • Horse Manure

Price list available here.

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